Jsk corona sessions promo maja

Even though most of the world has come to a grinding halt, JSK is at full throttle. Weird films for weird times. Two artists meet for the first time. No preparations. Let’s see what happens!

JSK CORONA SESSIONS marks our a new lifetime of JSK, aiming to publish a new film every week as long as the corona situation persists.

The concept is risky – let two artists meet for the first time, on a stage with set design, costumes, lighting design, a prop or two, and let’s see what happens. Not a big deal one could say, but if you restrict any preparations, add 4 cameras and shout “ACTION!” they quickly realize there is no safety net and things start to happen. The initiative is to facilitate the spontaneous and the unexpected, and maybe get back to moments we seemed to miss in the well-coordinated and predictable pre-Corona times. The series is a great way to experience a broad variety of Norwegian artists and maybe get a grip on what Nordic creativity is about.

Foto  tale hendnes 2020 225 web
Photo: Tale Hendnes/ Dansens Hus Oslo